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Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems

relinquish your pain unto me

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Your at my own personal little graphics community on LJ. Here you can find icons from various series, screencaps, wallpapers, banners and etc. Eventually I may get back in to layout making, but as of right now this is mostly icons and banners. Feel free to join, watch or become an affiliate!

· Credit isn't required for icons or screencaps, but is appreciated.
· If you use any of my other media, please credit.
· See something you like? Comment! It lets me know if I'm doing a good job ♥
· Join/watch! I will open up requests for members, and generally just makes me feel happy!
· Don't be rude, either to me or others posting. I like to keep a happy environment. Critique is welcomed, but just be nice about it and we will all get along great =]

Credit for images and other assets can be found in my resources post. If you see something like a texture or image that belongs to you, and isn't credited, let me know and I will fix it! I have many resources that are from quite a few years ago, so I apologize for the lack of credit.

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